Saturday, January 04, 2014

Photo For 01/05/2014

Okay……..enough winter for now, let’s look at some photos taken this fall on a trip to the Michigan Upper Peninsula and other scenic areas close by. One of the places we went was Mackinac Island State Park. The only way to get there is via boat. It looks a lot like Eureka Springs, Arkansas except that every lawn, house and building is pristine. No automobiles are allowed on the island (only bicycles, horses and wagons) everything is done via horse and carriage or wagon etc. Even the trash is picked up with wagons. All goods are delivered to the stores via wagons etc. There are incredible flowers and a huge fort dating from 1780 etc. A LOT of walking but we rented me an electric cart to ride and I went several miles with it. Motive power on Main Street at Mackinac….


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